What is the Rocket Pass 3 Release Date?

Rl Screenshot.jpg

Rocket Pass 2 has officially come to an end. As sad as we are to see that happen, it leaves us with hope that the next one will be that much better!

Some things we for sure want to see;

  • More SE items

  • Another new car body

  • More painted items after lvl 70

  • Less items that people can’t even throw away (we see you teller wheels!)

There are a lot of rumors going along with the next Rocket Pass and it leaves a lot to be discussed.

The new pass should hopefully be coming out soon in April. If it’s following the same pattern as RP2 then we should see it in about 2-3 weeks.

Screenshot below from the official RL Facebook…


So use the next couple weeks to fine tune those skills, and get those comp ranks up while we aren’t focused on the fancy drops!

Stay tuned for more info as we expect to hear about the release date in the first week of April!