Xbox plans to Capitalize while Sony skips out...


It looks like Microsoft will be pulling out all the stops at E3 2019, with a “fun” and “big” presence expected for the Xbox One.

In an interview with director of programming of Xbox Live Larry Hryb (better known as Major Nelson), Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer discussed a variety of topics.

One of the highlights of the podcast was Spencer’s revelation that Playground Games and Rare are working on new projects. It is unclear if more details will be revealed at E3 2019, but unconfirmed rumors claim that Playground Games is developing Fable 4.

The highligt of the interview was when Spencer talked about Microsoft’s plans for E3 2019.

“This is going to be a fun E3 for us … we had a discussion internally. Should we go big? Should we save some money? No, we’re going to do our thing and we’re going to go and be as big at E3 as we’ve ever been.”

Sony, for the first time ever, will not be attending E3 this year, as it is looking for “inventive opportunities to engage the community.” Shortly after, Microsoft and Nintendo reaffirmed their commitment to the annual video game event.

In the interview with Hryb, Spencer makes it known that Microsoft is not just committed to E3 2019, but also going all-in. With Sony and the PlayStation 4 out of the picture, Microsoft should capitalize on the spotlight that will shine on the Xbox One for the annual event.

Microsoft’s specific plans for E3 2019, which will run from June 11 to June 13 in Los Angeles, remain unknown. In addition to the return of the Fable series, other rumors include the next installment in the Forza racing franchise and more information aboutGears 5, the new entry to the Gears of War series. Microsoft is also expected to talk about Project xCloud, its upcoming game streaming service.

What the whole gaming community will be looking forward to, however, is whether Microsoft will take the opportunity of a Sony-less E3 to announce its next generation of consoles. Unconfirmed rumors claim that Microsoft is working on two Xbox One successors, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart and collectively known as Project Scarlett.

Will Project Scarlett paint E3 2019 red? Will Microsoft unveil an exciting collection of new games for the Xbox One? Xbox fans are eagerly anticipating the answers, which will arrive in about five months.