Mystery Pull Racer TOY OPENING

Let’s all take a second to pray…. Pray for a Z-Plate opening!


Unfortunately we were’t so lucky with those codes.

We opened 35 different pull back racers in an attempt to unlock the almighty z-plate. Of course we would pull the 8 other cars and not one of the “Super Rares”… Sad times.

The stream was super last minute and the viewership was great. So great that when we finally cracked open that wanna be “Wonder Ball” (yes I just referenced those chocolate balls with toys) we decided to give the first code away.

The ZT-17 and Cold Fusion were given away as soon as we opened it and one lucky viewer got the goods.

Now that doesn’t mean we didn’t keep some of those same goods for the rest of ya! We have three more code combos to give away this Sunday during our next event! RL SUNDAY!!!!

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This whole stream (streamed on was a lot of fun. It was spur of the moment tho. Al because someone mentioned to me that gamestop had these bad boys on clearance. You can bet your ass I was on phone within ten seconds to place their stock on hold….

The entire stock of toys came home with me 20 mins later.

Tune in to our next streams as we plan to give some of these away, and maybe you’ll be one of the three that get one of our codes!