Brand Identity


Branding, or Rebranding your Business.

Branding your business is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition early on. Configuring your internal values, with a well executed external brand image, and wrapping it all up with excellent customer to business interaction will give you the edge needed. Consumers take value in companies they support. Having the right identity is the first step to gaining that support.


Areas to Inspect.



These are the inner workings of your brand. It all comes down to having a clear mission statement, stating the aim of your organization and the goals that come along with that. Determining the vision of your brand by establishing whee the company is headed for the long term.

Having values in which your company believes and align with the way you conduct business.Good examples of this could be going green, keeping your business in your country of origin, or donating portions of sales to those in need.



This is the way in which the public eye views you. Having a logo that ensures consumers will recognize your company is a good way to set yourself up for success. Colors play a huge role in your image, making sure to use ones that entice people and go well with your 'look.'

Type faces and font styles play an important role in your overall identity. Your type should flow well with the logo and colors you have chosen. All of these elements should be cohesive on all platforms and be able to be utilized where needed.



Interaction between the customer and those that represent your company is key to making a brand grow. The overall experience needs to be tailored to your mission and core values. The experience that the customer receives is the part that really makes or breaks a brand.

People remember those that treat them well, and hold on to good times they have been part of. You want those that are the face of your brand to deliver the best to each customer, while keeping that consistent for each and every customer.


Why would someone rebrand?